EdPro Amperia
EdPro® Amperia
Electricity, Electronics, and Magnetism Lab kit
for Instructor Demonstrations and Student Labs
Electricity, Electronics, and Magnetism Lab kit
for Instructor Demonstrations and Student Labs
EdPro® Amperia

The Amperia Power Supply uses rechargeable batteries, so that teachers and students can set up the experiments on any convenient surface. The location is not constrained to be nearby an AC wall socket, which is safer for use. The Amperia Power Supply can be recharged in only one hour via its onboard USB connection.
Patented magnetic connectors
The intuitive magnetic connecting of electric scheme elements is easy, reliable and allows students to work more time-efficiently in the classroom and spend more time analyzing, experimenting and making conclusions.
Intuitive usability
The design of all elements and contacts is intuitive and well understood by children. All elements and connections are located outside of the blocks in order to demonstrate to students how all components work.
Complete solution
Using a set, you can execute 100% of school lab works on the course of electricity and magnetism and most demonstrations. All elements are easily combined with existing school lab equipment. Only time, fantasy and knowledge limit the range of demonstrations and labs that can be performed with Amperia.
Core elements
Power supply
  • Constant DC voltage source (0-5V) and variable frequency (0-3V).
  • Built in overload and short-circuit protection.
  • Easy to use with a dial control and easy-to-read
  • WiFi access to real-time voltage & current values.
  • Measures voltage, current, resistance.
  • DC and AC.
  • Easy-to-read display.
  • WiFi access to real-time voltage & current values.

28 component blocks
Switch, lamps, resistors, capacitors, coils, transformers, LEDs, photo resistor, Zener diode, rectifying diode, thermistor, etc. are installed on easy-to-connect and difficult-to-lose bases. The blocks are easy to handle, connect. Their size and storage make for quick pre-lab and post-lab inventorying.
Magnetic contacts
The Magnet-to-Magnet and Magnet-to-Clip connectors are easy to use and, with the component blocks, allow fast lab setups.
Teacher Guide & Lab Manual and Student Lab Manual
The Amperia kit includes a Teacher Guide & Student Lab Manual that contain a complete description of the lab along with the relevant theory. The Guides include interesting optional experiments. The formats are easy to understand for both the teacher and students.
Components in the Amperia Kit are organized in a high-quality reusable container that allows quick inventorying of components before and after each lab session.
Our goal is to provide teachers and students the tools to spark the students' desire to study and experiment.
Our motivated, professional and friendly team is proud to be the innovators of such a quality product.
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